Negambo Round Table 7


We are the first member table of the National Association of Sri Lanka which was chartered out of Colombo. Having members ranging from the suburbs of Negombo to its center we are
an enthusiastic and professional bunch of people. Realizing that together we can achieve more we come together in brotherhood and fellowship to engage in an interaction amongst our
equals with an idea of building multiple foundations and pillars for an under privileged society to thrive in.


With much work to be done we hope that every project and initiative taken by us will be an example that would ripple through time to show that when like-minded people come together
as one to achieve a common objective the sky is the limit. Our scope of work knows no bounds in that we quickly adopt and adapt to the changing dynamics in an ever-changing society that
always requires more from us, but we are committed to face every new dawning day with the same enthusiasm by taking it one step at a time to adopt to adapt and to improve.


We are better known as the NRT7 !!!



Name Position
Ruwan De Silva Chairman
Sajan Silva Vice Chairman
Dilanka Mannakkara Secretary
Manjula Fernando Treasurer
Randhike Cooray IRO
Nuwan Siyambalapitiya Fellowship Convenor
Hilary Marasinghe Social Services Convener

President’s Message


As we pass the first-year milestone since induction the past year has been a challenging year for all of us without any experience in tabling. The support and guidance of our fellow brothers at CRT1 and other Tables carried us a long way to this point.


I consider this indeed a privilege and a great opportunity to hold this position as the Negombo Round Table 7’s second Chairman. Our Table is set to execute three main plans for the upcoming year 2017-18.


  1. Further Enhance and strengthen inter table relationships.
  2. Increase recognition of our table both in the Tabling community and in the community at large. The world needs more Tablers!
  3. Building a sustainable and lucrative business venture to create funds to execute our plans in the long run.


With such a promising plan ahead, I am proud to serve as your second chairman and will do my best to serve you well and to facilitate your efforts to make people’s dreams come true.


I wish you all the very best!


by Ruwan de Silva (Chairman NRT7 2017/18)