President’s Message

I consider myself blessed to have been introduced to Round Table and an honor to be chosen to lead the organisation which two years ago during the darkest moments of my life saved my life with the power of the brotherhood.

It has made me a student of life. After all RT is the university of life. meeting so many friends from all over the world and everyone having a story to tell. My school Alma mater Royal College always encouraged me to learn from books & learn from people but it is after joining Round Table that I started learning about people and working with them. It has changed how I approach life at work and in general as well.

It is a great honor to lead RT Sri Lanka in its 25th year of Tabling. We have had an amazing journey and now it is about Going Beyond the set paradigms of tabling and make it a stronger force in society thereby benefiting the country as well as the members. I invite the Ladies Circle, 41ers and the Tangents to join us to grow the side by side movement in Sri Lanka.

I look forward to your support in this journey. Let’s make Tabling stronger in Sri Lanka, together.


Tr. Vivek Sundaralingam
National President 2020/21
Round Table Sri Lanka