The global fellowship organisation that is Round Table having completed 25 successful years in the our beautiful island is moving onto its next stage of development. We have identified decentralising the organisational structure and thereby creating easier communication channels to develop further. This year RTSL will focus on strengthening tables by providing financial and moral support. In short, the national executive Committee would like to be pillars in the growth of your individual tables.I have always considered being a tabler a privilege, one that I believe I should use to create a positive change in society.

Elected as president, has only fuelled my beliefs further and I also understand with it comes additional responsibility. Leading by example is a must and therefore I plan to be the best version of myself and urge all tablers to do the same.
I would like to congratulate 41er Harsha Fernando , a dear friend , someone I have the utmost respect for and a wonderful human being for being elected Club 41 President of Srilanka. Club 41 have always been of great support to RTSL and we will continue to work together.

I would also like to congratulate Ladies Circle President & Tangent Srilanka …. and hope to carry on the side by side relationships from prior.

To my fellow brothers, these are challenging times . It is very important that we stick together and help each other. All we need sometimes is to hear someone out. I have always thought of each of our lives as a game of snakes and ladders. Dont be a snake, be a ladder. Be the change that you want to be, believe in the change you want to see.

I will try my utmost best this year to improve this wonderful medium that is Round table, I hope i have all your unconditional support as I have had in my tabling journey so far.

Yours in tabling
Sundaralingam Vivek
President (2020/21)
Round Table Srilanka


Tr. Vivek Sundaralingam
National President 2020/21
Round Table Sri Lanka