Aloka Elders’ Home

Aloka Elders’ Home was founded in 2012 by Piyal along with the Human Development Foundation. Piyal was a teacher at a local school in Panadura and felt there was a need for him to establish a home for the elderly. He followed his calling, and was permitted the use of some land belonging to the Buddhist Temple in Panadura.


The objective was to provide care and shelter for the elderly who were either alone or abandoned.


Today there are over 55 residents at Aloka Elders’ Home.


From Different:

  • Places
  • Backgrounds


With Different:

  • Languages
  • Religions


All in need of:

  • Care
  • Attention
  • Love


Some have been forced out of their homes owing to land disputes, others whose families have migrated, leaving them alone, some of whom are unwell and others whose families can’t afford to take care of them, and even entire family units who are not able to support themselves.


All of these people have found refuge and solace at Aloka Elders’ home.


However, growing numbers means strain on resources.

Our Objectives


Short Term Objectives


  • To help them meet their immediate needs.
  • Raise funds to help them meet their immediate needs
  • Leverage personal relationships to for donations or discounts on the materials they need
  • Build confidence, demonstrate intention, and establish the capability of CTRT8


Long Term Objectives


  • To help Aloka become economically independent
  • The home is currently cultivating a small organic vegetable garden and a small flower garden. The vegetables are sold to a trader at the local market (at whole sale price), in turn Aloka buys other vegetables and ingredients to prepare meals at the home
  • We believe expanding and creating a larger organic cultivation will provide Aloka a more sustainable revenue stream


The Project


  • To address the immediate needs of Aloka Elders’ Home
  • To help them expand their current cultivation to a larger organic cultivation
  • To introduce energetic volunteers to help them cultivate
  • To create a brand that could be marketed
  • To partner with a strong yet appropriately sized distribution network
  • To partner with like-minded retailers and outlets to get exposure and awareness for the project and the brand




Sustainability will be at the core of all the initiatives. It must be environmentally sustainable and economically sustainable, with as little recurring financial contribution as possible, so that Aloka Elders’ Home can be financially independent.


Ideally, Aloka can become a model for elders’ homes in Sri Lanka to attain economic independence.