Colombo Change-makers Round Table 9


Colombo Change Makers Round Table 9 was formed in August 2017 and is the latest table in Sri Lanka. Over the past couple of years we have come a long way from the beginning. We have had an amazing and an exciting time in getting to know our own table members and tabling fraternity. We also started working to achieve our long term objectives.

We initially set an objective for the table to provide environmentally sustainable projects. We are Colombo Change-makers and we drive to change things for a good reason. Being an infant club, our objective is challenging as much as any other challenges.

We initially targeted to assist to develop a good Sri Lankan coastal eco system where we executed our very first beach clean-up project at Mount Lavinia. We later went on to execute another environmentally sustainable project which was our Forest Clean-up campaign in Dombagaslanda reserve.

Thereafterr, we have done series of beach clean-ups around the country and within the year 2020 we carried out 10+ beach clean-ups with the association of Center for Beach clean-ups, Roteract Clubs and other social entities.

In the year 2020, we won the best community service project of RTSL where we planned to plant 10,000 trees under the project Guilt-Free Breathe. We are currently in the process of rolling the trees to the Colombo area where we are working to utilize the school venues to plant the necessary trees.


Name Position
Nuwan Sumeera Chairman
Hasitha Savinda Vice Chairman
Chamishka Kirielle Secretary/Public Relations Officer
Mayesh Fernando Treasurer
Abdul Uwais International Relations Officer
Lahiru Wijerathne Community Service Convener
Chanaka Maligaspe Fellowship Convener
Sankha Randenikumara Member