‘Negombo Round Table 7’ (NRT7), which is the first outstation table in Sri Lanka started its community service projects with the inauguration of the මිරිවැඩි (pronounced ‘Miriwedi’: meaning ‘footwear’) charity project. The project was aimed at donating shoes to underprivileged children in rural areas, most of whom sadly still walk to school miles and miles barefoot. The architects behind the projects were Tr. Hilary and Tr. Sajan from NRT7.


The necessary funds were initially collected swiftly with plenty of generous Tablers and sponsors donating money for a noble and worthy cause. NRT7 selected ‘Sinharajapura Kanishta Widyalaya, Polonnaruwa’ school as the pilot project and it was heartening to know that there are 100s of schools with children not worn a shoe for their entire lives. Keeping up with the tabling aims and objectives, the NRT Tablers went to Sinharajapura Kanishta Widyalaya School on the 10th of March 2017. The response was overwhelming. The children were jubilant and super excited to see their precious shoes. The staff were extremely grateful for this worthy cause.  


With this great feeling and satisfaction NRT7 decided to extend this worthy cause to other under privileged schools and areas of the country to distribute shoes for these innocent, worthy children to uplift their lives.


Please join hands with us as fellow Tablers, Circles and most importantly as empathetic human beings in donating your valuable contribution towards this worthy cause.