Negombo Round Table 7


We are the first member table of the National Association of Sri Lanka which was chartered out of Colombo. Having members ranging from the suburbs of Negombo to its center we are
an enthusiastic and professional bunch of people. Realizing that together we can achieve more we come together in brotherhood and fellowship to engage in an interaction amongst our
equals with an idea of building multiple foundations and pillars for an under privileged society to thrive in.


With much work to be done we hope that every project and initiative taken by us will be an example that would ripple through time to show that when like-minded people come together
as one to achieve a common objective the sky is the limit. Our scope of work knows no bounds in that we quickly adopt and adapt to the changing dynamics in an ever-changing society that
always requires more from us, but we are committed to face every new dawning day with the same enthusiasm by taking it one step at a time to adopt to adapt and to improve.


We are better known as the NRT7 !!!



Name Position
Nuwan Siyambalapitiya Chairman
Hilary N Marasinghe Vice Chairman
Danushka Jayasinghe Secretary
Isuru Fernando CSC
Asiri Dolawatta PRO
Yohan de Silva Fellowship Convenor
Sajan Danushka Silva IRO
Ruwan de Silva Other Members
Evvan Perera Other Members
Dilanka Mannakkara Other Members
Chamara Chathuranga Samarasinghe Other Members

President’s Message


NRT7 Board for 2019/20 is pleased to present to the stakeholders the 4th Annual Report of NRT7 comprising Financial Statements of the Table for the Year ended May 31, 2020. After the 30 years civil war ended in 2009, as a Tabling Nation, we experienced the gloomiest period in human lives, commencing the Tabling year 2019/20 with the tears and sorrow of losing 259 sons and daughters in the country (over 150 in our tabling city, Negombo) due to the Easter Sunday Bomb attacks. In the light of recovery from same, we are proud to announce our contributions during the last lap of the tabling year despite the COVID-19 outbreak that stand stilled the whole world.

We commenced the tabling year, after a brainstorming session carried out with all our Tablers before the AGM, to have an agreed set of actions/events to carry out in the coming year with a strategic plan developed around 4 key aims and objectives in Tabling, which we announced at the AGM with an intention of achieving 80% as planned. ie. To develop the fellowship of young men through the medium of their business and professional occupation and community service activities Our 1st event was a Beach Clean-up Community Service Project at Uswetakeiyawa jointly with CCMRT9, which is the youngest table in the country, followed by a joint meeting as we felt that it is our responsibility to give our immediate attention to guide / groom them by sharing our experiences and maintain a strong relationship with them to serve better as tablers. Thereafter, we have done a great fellowship with dance and music until next day morning. Our next event organised was a fellowship in unique Negombo style band and music, while carrying out a joint meeting with 41ers and Tangents at their AGM day, as we felt that getting their advises are so much valuable to perform as better tablers. During that meeting, we agreed to support their Shoebox gift project during Christmas and they have agreed to provide support for our Signature Project “Help Schools Foundation”, which were materialised in the year as agreed.

Presidential election 2019 has also fallen in the same year and our tablers were supporting so many candidates since it was the highest number of candidates contested for a Presidential election in the country. More than whom we supported, we were so curious to know the results and thereby all our tablers got together for a special fellowship “Kitchen party”, which ended up at 10am next day with a sea bath including traditional spirits and meals. The following 3 months, we carried out 4 stand-alone community service projects, under the NRT7 flagship Community Service initiative “Help Schools Foundation”; whereby we donated over 2,000 school bags, books, stationeries, uniforms, shoes, socks, band equipment’s, IT labs to different parts of the country for the under-privileged students/schools. We have noted that the development of individual competencies and talents are a significant aspect of their growth. At each location of our contributions, a Talent show was organised by each school with perspective and outshining students to demonstrate their capacities. In addition, we have carried out career guidance programmes for the children at such rural locations, which is paramount for their development. Our tablers represents the professional fields of Banking, Finance, Engineering, Legal, Logistics and Tourism and these professionals have immensely supported the RTSL community at larger Page 8 of 98 scale by providing valuable Professional advises and consultancy services free of charge.

Our signature fellowship event, the fundraiser for Help Schools Project, “Sing-a-long & Calypso night” concluded with flying colours with more than 40% of the participation of active tablers, which is the highest number of turn-up of tablers, circlers, 41ers and tangents for an event organised by a table as it was one of the most entertaining event of the calendar year. We served unlimited food and local toddy while dress code “sarong and lungi” added more glamour to the event. We were lucky enough to finish the party just before the sunrise. ii. To encourage active and responsible citizenship by cultivating the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions. As a result of conducting series of joint meetings with fellow tables and side-by-side organisations and thereby carrying out joint initiatives to strengthen the relationship, “Feed the Poor” one of the best joint community service project initiatives in recent Sri Lankan tabling history was lunched by NRT7 jointly with CTRT8 in the later part of this year. Under such project, we served more than 2,500 families of daily income or low-income earners whom have been severely affected due to lockdown as a precautionary for COVID-19 outbreak, resides in Gampaha, Badulla, Jaffna, Hambantota, Kalutara, Anuradhapura and Colombo Districts by distributing dry rations and vegetables packs worth more than Rs. 2,500/- each. Funds of more than Rs. 5.5 million for this joint project were raised with the assistance of donors including local and foreign tablers, 41ers, circlers and tangents. Furthermore, we have also extended our fullest support to two projects in tandem with RTSL, 41ners, Circlers and Tangents, which successfully created a better moment for Christmas, for the unfortunate 218 victims of drug addiction in Sri Lanka in-housed at Negombo Rehabilitation centre. The attendance totalled over 800 participants in the event whereby the inmates were joined by their families and loved ones, whereby the initiative provided schoolbooks and bags, stationaries and toys towards the families and their children. In addition, initiative was able to provide dry rations for 01 month towards the rehabilitation facility, the attending families of the inmates and 120 families with disabilities such as blindness, including visually impaired states. After allowing some time to recover for the 53 Easter Sunday Bomb victims at Negombo/Katuwapitiya church, whom lost their breadwinners, NRT7 has taken the leadership with an initiative to launch a community service activity in order to establish a sustainable revenue stream by establishing their own business venture. We have joined hands with an international consultancy firm Pass Asia (Pvt) Ltd and Sethsarana (The charity arm of the Arch Bishops house) to provide necessary training, skills and share experiences. NRT7 has conducted meaningful analysis of markets, industries and their demands, whereby introducing the bomb victims with our potential production pool with confirmed sales opportunities. With the support of several international donors/tablers, RTSL allocated a sum of Rs. 3.2milliion for this effort. “You and Me” referral system is the new mechanism introduced in this year in our table as any tabler can share any of their business or any other issues, assistance and requirements with other tablers under any other business in monthly business meeting whether other tablers can support same time with their expertise and contacts. This method has provided solutions within no seconds, which is quite interesting/valuable for the business development of our fellow tablers. Page 9 of 98 iii. To promote the extension of the Association Help Schools initiative being the last year’s ASPA Service project of the year, we proceeded with more scope while working with other fellow tablers, 41ers, tangents and circlers in view of promoting tabling while branding the books and stationaries which we donated with all four side by side organisations.

We are proud to announce that, under the above joint project “Feed the Poor”, we have tied up with Jaffna prospects to do the donation arrangements in Jaffna and Medawachchiya in order to encourage, develop strong relationship and promote tabling among them in view of extending the association. We are happy to announce that we have seven prospects and two of whom have greatly supported to our service projects and fellowship events. Arrangements have already made to induct two prospects in our next AGM. iv. To promote and further international understanding friendship and co-operation In spite of International relationships, foreign travels have been adversely affected due to COVID19 outbreak in world-wide and after effects of the Easter Sunday Bomb attacks. However, Tr. Evan participated for the ASPA fellowship event in Vietnam and Tr. Danushka went to USA and had a great time with USA tablers while celebrating his birthday with tabling friends there. Even after the registrations were made, Tr. Isuru missed the opportunity in participating AGM of RT Germany and Tr. Nuwan missed AGM of ASPA, Bali due to COVID-19 outbreak. However, NRT7 being the live wire of Table 7 World Alliance (Numbers meeting), we have maintained close relationships with the table 7 tablers across 22 countries world-wide and keep following the safety of table 7 brothers all over the world. It’s our pleasure to inform that NRT7 welcomed Tr. Alexander from Great Britain and Tr. Dilanka from NRT7 accompanied him during his tour in Sri Lanka (to Ella) for his special fund-raising project for the victims of Easter Sunday Bomb attacks “To Sri Lanka with Love Cycling Project”. Further, we have also hosted Tr. Shan from Hong Kong during his recent visits to our motherland. The Table has gathered 7 prospects within this year and where two of them shall be inducted during the NRT7 AGM 2020 after successfully completing the eligibility requirements. Further we shall be conducting training programmes for the remaining prospects, during the months of May & June 2020. Strategies are underway to charter a new table in Kandana among those prospects. Last but not the least NRT7 organised the “Break the Shackles” fellowship via Zoom connecting more than 40 tablers locally and internationally by giving the opportunity to enjoy the Negombo style entertainment. We are happy to inform that we as a table, and our tablers have taken action to raise the bar in tabling standards in this year.

Our contributions have made to recognise as the Sri Lanka’s final nominees for awards in ASPA in view of recognising our contributions at National/ Regional level. As the Chairman of the NRT7, we would like to thank all local and international Tablers, 41ers, Tangents, Circlers, Donors, Auditors, Friends and Families who have been with us by providing their fullest support and assistance to achieve greater heights during this year.

by Nuwan Siyambalapitiya (Chairman NRT7 2019/20)