Colombo Serendib Round Table 2

Colombo Serendib Round Table 2 is the second Round Table to be formed in Sri Lanka in 1996. We are a part of the Round Table International.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES • To develop the fellowship of Young Men through the medium of their business and professional occupation and community service activities. • To encourage active and responsible citizenship by cultivating the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions. • To promote and further international understanding friendship and co-operation. • To promote the extension of the association
Name Position 2016/2017
Dashinth Thabrew Chairman
Gihan Hemachandra Vice Chairman
Nadeesha Perera Secretary
Raju Balasingham Treasurer
Ibrahim Saleem IRO
Amir Esufally Fundraising & Community Service
Amrith Adhihetty Fellowship Convenor
Arun Krishnamoorthi  RTSL Rep
Druvi Sirisena Assistant Secretary

Chairman's Message

It is an honour for me to write a message in the round table Sri Lanka website.

The Colombo serendib round table is the second table to be founded in Sri Lanka. The members meet frequently and encourage the projects we support actively. This year our table consists Maof 14 members and our main focus has been the project to develop the requirements of Makola blind home. We also hosted the inter table cricket match in October and plan to have this event annually.

Service Project