Round Table Sri Lanka History

Round Table Sri Lanka (RTSL) now boasts 9 clubs and over 100 tablers.

The nine different clubs carry out many different community service projects such as:

  • Heroes Project (RT Asia/Pacific Project of the Year 2015) – To assist children with autism in Sri Lanka with the end goal of creating an autonomous, national Autism Resource Centre.
  • Emerge Reintegration Centre – A centre dedicated to reintegrate victims of sexual abuse in to society by providing them with life skills to make them employable
  • Kids off the Street Project To give street children hope for the future by providing them with shelter and education.
  • Aloka Elders Home – Financing a home for the elders with the objective of making the establishment financially independent.
  • Mirivedi – Providing school shoes to under privileged students in rural parts of the country.
  • Helpschools Foundation
  • Freedom Through Education

There are many more short-term initiatives being carried out to help various communities, especially during natural disasters both locally & nationally, where Round Table clubs spring to action to assist. The greatest project carried out by RTSL was the reconstruction of several schools in rural Sri Lanka that were damaged by the tsunami in 2004. This US$2 million project was funded by foreign Round Tables and local sponsors and implemented with zero administration cost (as all Round Table projects are) by RTSL members.